Saturday, May 10, 2008

I is for

Irish Knits.

My mother was a talented knitter.

Of all the things she made--and she made many, many things--I think her (and my) favorite were the Irish knits.

There are probably still people wearing the Irish knit sweaters my Mom made for church raffles. And her cozy Irish knit afghans are most likely still being enjoyed by families.

My Mom is no longer with us, but, I continue to enjoy her Irish knits:

Best of all, some of my Mom's Aran yarn from Ireland is in my stash and her pattern books still inspire.


Susan said...

Oh what a lovely I post! That is such a precious legacy you have from your mother and it must remind you of so many wonderful things.
(And thank you for the nice comment on my blog.)

StringPlay said...

Oh, Mary. What lovely work and what a perfect sweater. I is for Incredible!

Windyridge said...

This is gorgeous.
Subway series today!!!

Anne said...

Wow just gorgeous - what a lovely memory and a great post!

elizabeth said...

Beautiful! Definitely inspiring!