Monday, May 19, 2008

J is for

Jury duty!

I report next week.

New York City's five boroughs are also five separate counties -- Manhattan is New York County.

Big city--lots of crimes and lawsuits. So we have five trial courthouses (Supreme Court is NYS's name for the trial court or the district court.)

No, I won't be gasping for breath while running up the steps of the Law and Order courthouse.

And I won't be questioned for any trials involving murderers or drug dealers. The courthouse I'll be reporting to tries civil cases and is a modern blah, bland box of a building.

Since so many people are summoned for jury duty in NY County, a person can sit for an entire day without ever being called for voir dire. Boring!

In the past, I've read, done crossword puzzles, eavesdropped, stared into space. Didn't knit then. This is the first time that I'll want to knit in the jury assembly room.

Hmmmmm. . . but are knitting needles allowed?

The information for NY County jurors states, "Weapons or dangerous instruments of any kind are prohibited from court buildings."

Well that's as clear as Rockefeller Center during the holiday season.

So I checked things out in Ravelry and other Manhattan jurors report that they've been able to bring knitting needles into the courthouse. YAY!

Now the question is--what to bring? Lace shawl? Stockinette socks? More homework swatches? Cast on something new? All of the above?

I can't decide! Will this indecision as to what knitting to bring disqualify me as a juror?


margaret in manhattan said...

good luck getting there at the crack of dawn ...

I knit for 30 days on Grand Jury duty just after 9/11 -just don't bring scissors ;o)

sherriknits said...

How convenient that J falls on the week of jury duty!

Ewww, you have to sit there all day? How big a bag can you bring? lol