Friday, May 16, 2008

The Whatever Cloth

All week, I've been knitting:

Mason Dixon Ballband Dishcloths.

I prefer to call them the Whatever Cloths. Dishcloth. Washcloth. Hot Pad. Dusting Rag. Swiffer Thingie.

Yarn: Provence
Colors: Good question! Maybe Palest Peri and Summer Wheat?

Finished just in time to gift them to a knitter friend!


margaret in manhattan said...

boy, you're some good friend to use Provence for a whatever cloth - mercerized cotton might not always be the best choice ... ;-)

but again, you're SOME good friend!

StringPlay said...

These turned out great! And sure to come in useful and handy. AND bonus points for finishing ON time!

sherriknits said...

I like to knit some of these sometimes so I feel like I actually finish something once in awhile! Good job!