Saturday, February 28, 2009

D is for

Diamonds are a girl's best friend.

And this girl has two favorite diamond sources--

This place

and this street

More then 2,500 diamond and jewelry merchants on one city block! So much bling!

In addition, sellers stand on the sidewalk and aggressively try to lure customers in. "Buy gold. Buy diamond."

The glitter and the hard-sell=overwhelming!

But, lucky me, has a friend who loves to shop and she has a "diamond guy," a "gold guy," and a "pearl guy" in the Diamond District. I just have to whisper to her, "Gee, I'm thinking I'd like to look for. . . " and off we go.


RedScot said...

WOW! I just need a sugar daddy, and I'm right there!

stringplay said...

Square cut or pear-shaped, those rocks don't lose their shape! Can't say the same for me!

Still loving this A-B-C along. Good one.

p2sso said...

Definitely a difficult decision: which diamond is better?

Susan said...

A very long time ago,we went to the diamond district to buy my engagement ring. It was such an adventure.

sherriknits said...

I want to do that some day. My grandparents opened a jewelry store 82 years ago and it's still in business!

But I'm with you, hard to say which diamond is better!

Life's a Stitch said...

Oh I miss my home town when I read things like this.