Monday, February 9, 2009


Is there no prettier sight than a shawl being tortured blocked?

The last time I pulled and tugged so much was when I put on a pair of Spanx. Both Revontuli and I yelled and screamed and punched back--but look at this point--

Well worth the torture!

BTW, there's a Revontuli Knit-Along that just started in Ravelry. The group is the Kauni Shawl Knit-Along.


stringplay said...

Beautiful!! I LOVE how the colors played out in this one. This yarn was made for this project. I also love the eyelets.

The DeDe said...

ha ha ha! You're so funny! Spanx are about as bad as having to wear a corset all day...

The yarn looks so beautiful in this shawl! I can't wait to see it out of its tortured state!

Lynne said...

Any spider would be extremely proud of that beautiful web design! ;)

Nice knitting!

Grace said...

i started this yesterday, what yarn did you use? What colorway? Its beautiful