Friday, February 23, 2007

Poet Laureate

Commenter Sonja and the voices in my head are having a disagreement. The voices still feel that the Wearing O’ the Green Socks should be renamed the Camo Socks.

However, Sonja has provided this link to the golfing greens of the Emerald Isle and wants to call them the Limerick Socks. She even reinforced this belief by writing a limerick to the socks.

There once was a lass who would knit
sock after sock in a snit.
But she's discovered the perks
of TWO socks on FOUR circs
Now only her feet have the fit.

Thank you and congratulations, Sonja! You’ve just become this blog’s official Poet Laureate!

Here’s a photo of the Wearing O’the Green / Camo / Limerick Socks so far:

The Snit O' the Day:

Another icy mix is coming our way. The only icy mix I ever want to see is in my vodka and tonics!

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