Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Will this ever end?

Finished the headband last night--sort of. It's gonna have to be revisited. I ran out of yarn and added an inch in a gray worsted. Couldn't figure out how to pick up cast on stitches for the 3-needle bind off. Sewed the ends together. Did I say, "sewed?" The seam looks as if I shut my eyes, plunged the needle into the fabric and the voices in my head directed me what to do. Last night, the headband seemed to fit fine. This morning, it really isn't snug enough. Did my head lose weight during the night?
New game plan:
*Somehow undo the sewing
*Frog the gray worsted
*Keep live stitches on a needle or holder
*THEN, go to cast on edge and undo the cast-on. I have no idea if this is even possible, but those voices in my head are telling me to go ahead and do this.
*Put those stitches on a needle
*THEN attempt the 3-needle shuffle
*Thank the voices in my head for all their help, guidance and encouragement.

Snit Fit:
Worked today--so many things to choose from. Picking just one would be impossible and unfair to all the contenders.

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sonja poor said...

I'm all for going with those voices in your head - UNLESS they start arguing. With so many voices, how is it your head shrank? Could be the cold weather, I suppose.