Sunday, February 18, 2007

Wearing O' the Green

With the St. Patrick's Day Parade in mind March 17 I cast on for green socks! No special pattern--just plain stockinette on size 0 needles.

The yarn is from Spirit Trail Fiberworks bought at Rhinebeck in 2004. I snatched this yarn up before Stephanie, The Yarn Harlot did. Those of you familiar with her blog might remember the story of the tent falling on Stephanie at Rhinebeck--this was the tent. I was there to see it happen and grabbed one of the poles when the wind nearly carried it away.

But, getting back to St. Paddy's Day. The day is almost always cold and the parade is always held on the actual day. Since it falls on a Saturday and since we live close to the parade route and if it isn't too cold or snowing or raining, DH and I plan on going. (I've marched in several of them, but those days are long gone.) It's a wonderful photo op--bagpipers, tartans, people with shamrocks painted on their faces. I'll especially keep my eye out for Aran knits.

In going through my stash, I see that I have an awful lot of green yarn--yet, I've never knit anything green. I also have nothing green in my wardrobe. So these socks will serve two purposes: I'll be wearing my Irish on my feet and my toes will stay toasty warm on what will probably be a chilly and long afternoon.

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sonja said...

This is nice looking green yarn. I'm working on plain stockinette ones myself. Very calming knitting. Hope Bob is going to be taking some more parade pictures.