Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Two Socks on Four Circs

To avoid the dreaded Second Sock Syndrome, many of you know about knitting two socks on two circulars. The truly adventuresome among you may knit the two socks using the Magic Loop. Then there's the crazy extreme knitters who perform the two socks on one set of dpns trick.

But, I prefer the little praised two socks on four circulars method. No two balls of yarn to get tangled with each other. No confusion as to what yarn belongs to which sock. No complicated mechanics that seem to defy logic. No magic tricks of inside/outside involved.

Cast on two circulars. Knit a bit. Take second ball of yarn and cast on second set of two circulars. Knit a bit. Go back to first sock--knit a bit. Tired of that? Work on the second sock a while. Back and forth--easy, peasy.

Here's the Wearing O' the Green sock so far:

Both socks using the two socks on four circulars method:

SNIT for the day:
Down in Tampa, the Yankees took to the field--without Bernie. Who cares what A-Rod and Derek think of each other?! Bring back Bernie!

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sonja poor said...

These do NOT look like camo socks. You would only be able to camouflage yourself if you were on some lush, green golf course! See here:

I think you should rename them Limerick Socks and mentally compose limericks while knitting!