Sunday, April 1, 2007

Into the Demographic Mud Puddle

Because I'm a Baby Boomer, my knitting looks like this:

Very little knitting has been going on here for the past couple of days since I read this NY Times article.

It seems that female Baby Boomers are all about playing computer games. 47% of the people downloading games from PopCap Games are over 50 and 76% of these are women. Well, gee, I'm not one to shake up all the notions one has of early Baby Boomers--so I'm jumping right into this demographic pool as if it were a mud puddle at Woodstock.

Bookworm is my new obsession. It's a combination of Tetris, Scrabble, Boggle and there's fire! There's no proof that playing these games will dementia-proof us, but they supposedly help short-term memory.

So, yes, I really do remember that there's some knitting to be done around here. But, I'm kind of busy right now making sure the library doesn't catch on fire.


Devorah said...

Bookworm is good but Peggle is great! I'm tempted to actually buy this one.

Phyl said...

I just downloaded Bookworm. this might have been a bad thing. No knitting progress or tax prep progress will be made today but at least I'll remeber that I was supposed to be doing those things!h