Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The Mitered Mystery

Did I hear somebody or another mention mitered squares?

With all this talk about mitered squares in the blogosphere, I can’t help but share

crocheted mitered pieces I found in my Mom’s stash.

My mother was a genius with the needles and the crochet hook. Sweaters, hats, mittens, socks, blankets, pot holders—her hands were always busy.

Mom’s Aran knit sweaters were sought-after raffle prizes at her Church’s bazaar. Brides and moms-to-be were showered with exquisite blankets. My brother’s feet stayed toasty in hand-knit argyle socks. My Dad wore knitted vests for years. Everyday I use the crocheted potholders my Mom would dash off in a night or two.

But what was the story behind the bag of mitered pieces? Was my Mom playing around with the technique? Did she intend to finish the blanket? Or did she grow tired of it? Did she put the pieces aside planning to return to them? Or did she forget?

My Mom had Alzheimers. And one of the things this cruel disease robbed my mother of was her ability to knit and crochet. She couldn’t make sense of patterns. Her fingers didn’t remember how to form the stitches. Something that was pure joy for her became a hateful frustration.

I look at these mitered pieces and wonder if I should finish what my mother started. Should I make them whole?

Or should I take them as they are—

a mystery. Pieces that would never be whole again.


Wendy said...

Your mom's mitered squares are wonderful!

datatech57 said...

I would definitely join the squares. You would have another reminder of your Mom the way she was before the devil that is Alzheimer's disease took her away from you.

I treasure the recipe cards that I have in my mother's handwriting. I have a few Christmas ornaments that she crocheted. I only wish my husband and children had known her when she was at the top of her game, before Alzheimer's began to steal her from us.


Anonymous said...

You must put these together! How wonderful to have something warm and cozy that came from your Mom. You will treasure it always.

Linda said...

I chose your blog for an award.

Come by and see!!! Scroll down to get your award. Just click on the award and save image.

Debbie (we met at Represent) said...


Your post really touched me. And your images said thousands of words.

Thank you.

Stell said...

make them whole, then there will be a warm hug from your mum when you or some one else needs it. and projects shared is some thing special

Scattered Gemini said...

Oh! How cool!

Join them and have a snuggly to use on chilly days. They are wonderful!

Devorah said...

Join them and make something Whole from the fragments. Use them to preserve the good memories.

Anonymous said...

I agree--make a blanket! Your post made me think of my Grandma and the stash she left behind. It was both touching and fun to go through it and wonder what she had in mind for some yarns. Especially when it was yarn that was not her usual colors or fibers.

EOZ said...

Nice blog and great work you do.

Phyl said...

The squares are fabulous! I hope you join them one day.