Friday, April 13, 2007

Lucky 13

Today is Friday, April

Size 13 needles

13 scarves

13 yarn cakes

Happy Friday the 13th!

The blog and I are going our separate ways for a few days. No, we didn't have a major snit-fit. The blog, that shameless floozy, wants to spend a few days drinking margaritas and not think in words. And I plan to spend a few days quietly re-organizing and categorizing my cat hairball collection.

When we get back-together mid-week, I hope to show some knitting on and (perhaps) off the needles.

Have a lucky one everybody!


Sacha said...

Happy Friday! Enjoy the time away from this sinful blog of yours. :)

Wendy said...

Do you need any more hairballs in your collection? I'd be happy to send you some. ;-)

Phyl said...

Happy Friday! Enjoy the 'ritas!

Hootin'Anni said...

Hi Mary.

I'm going to add your blog to the blogroll of Bloggers Over 50 ---

But, if you need help on placing the javascript onto you blog let me know...

I'll be more than happy to assist.

[Open your blog dashboard and click on add page element ---copy and paste the javascript found on the blogroll sign up page ---scroll to find it. ---it's in a little box. Then, on your 'add page element window ---go to your sidebar elements to the 'side' of the window. You'll see a 'add page element' Click on that...use the HTML/Javascript button you find there....paste the copied script. Click save. Your element/blogroll will be added.] You can then click and drag that particular element down the sidebar, anywhere you choose.]

Again, if you still need help, let me know.

Oh, and I love to crochet. I never got the hang of knitting. Tried it and could NOT get past casting on and purl. LOL So, I envy your talent!!!

Jane said...

I love the 13's! Have a nice blog-break, hairballs or not...