Friday, April 27, 2007

Two Socks in Search of a Heel

Very little progress on the Tabloid Socks

because I'm looking for a heel.

I've pored over every sock book and pattern I have.

And I've perused this sock website for ideas.

Voices in Head: What are you looking for?
My Actual Voice: Um, a heel. You know--a thing that turns.

Voices in Head: What heels have you used for other socks?
My Actual Voice: I don't know

Voices in Head: Are you thinking of knitting heel-less socks?
My Actual Voice: Perhaps

Geez, I have more sock books and patterns than actual socks knitted.

But, back to the heel quest.

Have a good weekend!

Tune in on Monday for a heel bulletin.


Devorah said...

Me thinks it calls for a short-row heel in the red to complement the ribbing. But that's just me.

yarnmule said...

I love a short row heel, and I would definitely make it red. You could always do an afterthough heel; that way you can wait until later to work it!

sonja said...

Is that Ann Norling's Adult Basic sock pattern there in the spread? That was my first sock and I keep my ENLARGED kitchener stitch instructions in the sleeve. I pull that out for every sock I do! I'm loving how your Tabloids are looking. Knit them however you want.