Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Heavenly Bit

We interrupt all scheduled knitting to bring you

What is it?
A kiwi?
An avocado?
Sorry, no guacamole for you.

Here's a hint--
It followed me home from Habu.

Some may call it yarn.
I call it heaven--
187 yards of 2 ply cashmere.
(The yarn discussed in the linked review is the solid cashmere--my heavenly bit is the same basic stuff.)

What will it be?
Fingerless gloves. Lace and rib tubes. Small and light.

Um. . . . I don't know.

Were yarn diets broken?
Well, sort of--but not really.
This yarn purchase does meet certain exemption criteria
even if it didn't--
I don't care!

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