Monday, May 14, 2007

The WMS-Along

I wasn't blogging when the rest of the blogosphere was doing the ABC-Along--so, I'm gonna do one myself.

And since it's my own, personal ABC-Along, I can skip around and post whatever and whenever I have an idea or two for a letter. I think I'll call it the WMS-Along (Whenever the Mood Strikes-Along.)

First installment of the WMS-Along. The letter B kept popping up in my life this week.

Baby bibs:

and the buttons for the baby bibs:

Should I choose: A

or B ?

Then we have Barney, aka, the Blob O'Fur:

and the delish bite-size frittatas my stepdaughter made for brunch.

The WMS-Along snit:
Read Franklin's 5/13 post. Geez, what a B. . . . !


Scattered Gemini said...

Go with A.

sonja said...

Your bibs are looking good. So soft and bright. I like A, too, for this one.

Anne said...

I like the purple button. And to be honest, I didn't disagree much with her take on the chick in the coffee shop - I'd have said about the same ;)

The DeDe said...

My vote is for B. They turned out really cute!

Students...what's wrong with their parents!