Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Merrily we tink along
Tink along
Tink along
Merrily we tink along
all on a Sunday morn.

I love the tink so much that I did it not once, not twice but
yes, amazingly, three--count 'em-- one, two, three times.

And then I threw the Forest Canopy Shawl out the window.

This is what happens when somebody who has Post-Traumatic-Lace Disorder attempts to knit lace on about three hours of sleep.

My trifecta of insomnia--red wine, coffee, chocolate--kicked in at about 3:30 AM Sunday.

So, I played with Google Earth. Toured the world in eight minutes. Looked up a friend's house in Santa Fe. Tracked my childhood haunts in Albany, NY. Plotted the Starbucks between two relatives' homes in Ohio.

But, that wasn't enough.
I then watched the 5:00 AM NYC traffic.

Collapsed at about 6:30 AM only to wake up at 8:00 AM.

The Voices in My Head must have had good night's sleep, because they told me that I felt like knitting.

You know the rest of the story.

Monday. A new day. Better rested.
Finished the troublesome row. Off by one stitch! AAAARGH!
But was able to fudge the mistake on the purl row.

FCS so far--still looking like a pile o'blecccch.

A sporty snit:

No, no, no! Don't BOO Joe!
It's the curse of Donnie Baseball at work.
Get rid of him now!

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sonja said...

Your FCS is looking very nice in spite of PTLD! And I would *never* boo Joe Torre. You know I love my former Brave.