Monday, May 21, 2007

Knitting Log

After my last snit about falling into the Twilight Zone of Knitting, I realize I must apologize to the Twilight Zone. I regret I blamed a time-twisting abyss for my knitting woes.

Saturday's snit:
"I've entered the Twilight Zone of Knitting! I'm working on the ten-stitch, five inch straps and they don't seem to be growing. Will I ever finish? Or is knitting garter stitch baby bibs my personal hell?"

I also need to apologize to Hell.

It's me. Only me. No Hell or Twilight Zone to blame.

I've come to the realization that when I'm surfing the 'net and googling old boyfriends, I'm not knitting. When I'm gossiping via Instant Message and writing crank emails to local news stations, there's no knitting going on.

When I'm watching House and need to cover my eyes during the gory parts, I'm not knitting. When I'm playing with the cats or swapping spit with DH, my fingers aren't holding any needles. And knitting when baking Boogie Knit's Jan 29 Banana Muffins would be too messy.

I'm not talented like some knitters who are able to read and knit. Nor can I knit in the dark. And the yarn would be drowned if I ever attempted to knit in the tub.

Blog reading and blog maintenance keep my fingers busy. Walking and knitting? No can do. Playing mah jongg and working once in a while don't allow for knitting time. And we all know about that Bookworm problem.

In order to see exactly how much knitting time I get in during a week, I'll be keeping a Knitting Log.

You know how when you want to account for your money and you jot down how much you spend?
$2-subway / $3.25-coffee and bagel / $2 office lottery pool/ $72.19 misc.

Well, it'll work something like that. For a week, I'll be tracking the times I do knit. Beginning today--Monday--thru next Sunday. And I'll post the results a couple of times during the week. I'll also note what prevented or enhanced knitting time.

It isn't that I want to knit 24/7, I'm just curious about how much time I actually do knit.

And, maybe, sometime during this week, those baby bibs will be finished!


sonja said...

Guilt: The gift that keeps on giving. Don't sweat it. Knitting is a hobby just like all the other ones you named. Enjoy them all. Whenever I complain that I've wasted so much time surfing around blogs, DH asks 'did you enjoy yourself'. When I say that I did, he says 'then it wasn't wasted time'.

Linda said...

I've spent most of the afternoon revamping my blog. That could be considered a waste of time, but I enjoyed it and think it looks pretty good. Got to go with what make you happy.