Monday, December 17, 2007

122 Stitches

Procrastinating fool that I am put off wrapping out-of-town Christmas gifts till this past weekend. And you know what that means? I mailed them today. Yes, today--the busiest shipping day ! When will I ever learn?

Since everybody in my neighborhood is from elsewhere, I knew the Post Office would be jam-packed with others mailing gifts to far-flung places. So I trudged out in the freezing cold ready to hunker down in the Post Office for the afternoon. Brought a snack, a bottle of water and my knitting. I'm working on the Chimney Sock.

There was a line. It was long. I was calm and resigned to a long wait.

Imagine my surprise that it only took 122 stitches to get to the head of the line! 122 stitches! That's two rounds of the sock.

This is either a testament to how efficient and prepared the USPS was to the December 17th crowds or it's a statement about how slow a knitter I am.

Later this afternoon, I'll be going to Kay's sew-up party. I can't wait to see all those gorgeous squares!


StringPlay said...

Stitches! That's a great way to measure time. I must remember that and quit thinking of it in minute intervals. I know it sure helps improve my MOOD when I'm not grousing about the time but knitting instead.

Anonymous said...

I went to the post office yesterday, too, and I made it to the counter before I had the chance to pull out my knitting! Plus, I got the parking spot closest to the door. How crazy is that?
BTW, when I left the line was out the door and the parking lot was a nightmare. What a difference 5 minutes makes.


zippiknits said...

They are really organized for the last minute mailings this year. There were hardly lines at all here. But then maybe the overnight shipping day nearer Christmas things will be jammed.

sherriknits said...

I vote for efficient post office cuz we *know* you're good!

I haven't gotten mine off yet. My kids all work for a shipping/packing business and they're all worn out.

Devorah said...

I think that bringing ones knitting almost guarantees quick service. That said, I send my daughter for me. *g*