Monday, December 24, 2007

A Yarny Christmas

On our Christmas tree, we have some yarn on the hoof:

I always thought this was a llama, but hubster says that llamas don't have whiskers and that it's a cat. Whatever! The llama/cat is wearing a nice-looking scarf.

Also wearing a scarf is a canoe-paddling bear

And this frosty Yankee fan must be enjoying a World Series game in chilly October. (Please, oh, please let's hope for 2008!)

This pretty Hardanger ornament was made by talented knitter, Sonja.

A tin-full of crocheted Christmas (all made by my Mom):

An old friend crocheted this bell:

And a very famous knitter once made an appearance at this store. (Also, once upon a time, yarn was sold here)

I bought this felted cat face at Rhinebeck:

On this Christmas, I hope all your yarn dreams come true! Have a good and merry one!


Windyridge said...

Merry Christmas to you too and of course I love the sheep ornament. Can't say I'm wild about the Yankee ornament but that's because I am a Mets fan as you know! LOL

StringPlay said...

I *love* the rug hooked sheep at top! All are cute, but that plate of yarn at the end is really nice!
Barely time to check in today. The oven is winning the battle here. WHY, oh, WHY do I venture into the kitchen?? Have a good Christmas

Jane said...

Merry Christmas, MAry!

Devorah said...

Have a wonderful Christmas!