Saturday, December 29, 2007

Minding the Ps and Qs

Went downtown to Purl to buy some more Joseph Galler angora in Powder for another pair of twee baby booties.

And, since I was in SoHo, also bought some prosciutto bread at Vesvuvio Bakery. (Made only on the weekends.)

Home now to ponder what to make of some quality Sheep Shop that quietly and quickly jumped onto the counter as I was paying.

Perhaps a pair of Maine Morning Mitts designed by Clara Parkes?


StringPlay said...

Oh! Nice looking yarn. I think the mitts would look great in this. Have fun with the booties!

sherriknits said...

those booties are so cute....must make some!
did you have to re-word things to get all those p's?

Linda said...

Dropping by to wish you and Bob a very Happy New Year!!!

Those booties are the cutest!!!!