Saturday, December 15, 2007

Crafty in New York

I was leafing through Time Out New York, the weekly guide to what's happening in this city, when this picture stopped me dead

Knitted cashmere bracelets! For sale! In my city! OOOOHHHHH!

No, I'm not running downtown to purchase any. Knitted bracelets aren't for me--but, I like that the designer showcases knitted stitch work as a thing of beauty. ***

The bracelets were pictured in a companion piece to an article about NYC's best: Craft Stores. I'm happy to report that most of the stores listed are yarn shops with a smattering of bead and craft type of stores.

Elizabeth Yarborough is the bracelet designer. She's a new designer from North Carolina, now living in New York, who uses all sorts of non-traditional materials for the jewelry--feathers, yarn, spools of thread, leather buttons, tassels. Check out Yarborough Jewelry's website -- interesting stuff. And click on "About" to look at the designer's cute cable sweater. I wonder if she knitted it.

***Edited to add:
Hubster, if you're reading this and you think I've just dropped a Christmas gift hint---I haven't! A yarn gift should only be in the form of uh. . . yarn. Cashmere is nice. Black cashmere is especially nice. A jewelry gift should be in the form of gold, silver, diamonds, sapphires, emeralds. The two should not be confused.

You see that little gold card on your computer desk? Over by the right edge. Yeah, that's it. That's my guy on 47th St. Now that's a hint.


Windyridge said...

Hmmmm, I wonder how easy they would be to knit! You've given me an idea....

StringPlay said...

Interesting, Mary. Someone in our knit night made knitted bracelets last year - but not in cashmere. Good thing you cleared up the confusion for for Hubster.

sherriknits said...

I'm with you on the jewelry thing, especially since my family sells the real thing. lol

Those are beautiful though!

Devorah said...

Good thing you set him straight. Those hubsters can be a little dense at times.