Thursday, April 23, 2009

I'm Warped

Or am I wefted?

Took a class with most patient teacher in the world, Cynthia at the Lion Brand Yarn Studio.

In less than three hours, she had us weaving on our Cricket Looms.

Two of my classmates left before I was able to take a photo. But they were weaving with silver thread and black yarn -- stunning.

Justin took weaving to a new level! Look at those loops-- doesn't it look like a sculpture?

Me? I'm boring.

But I sure do like that warp and weft!


minipurl said...

Very nice...looks like fun.

stringplay said...

That's not boring! Get a foundation of technique and tradition first and advance from there. How exciting! New worlds to explore....and conquer!

Susan said...

Oh weaving is so fascinating. What a fun thing to do. Is the store as nice as it looked on TV? (I actually saw a segment on it on the Martha Stewart show when we were in Antigua. We only got four channels.)

sherriknits said...

i'm getting interested in weaving after a friend of mine brought her loom for me to see. fun!