Friday, April 17, 2009

Finished on Friday

The Kippy Blankie was finished shortly after midnight

Yarn: Plymouth Encore / 2 skeins
Crochet Hook: H
Stitches: Whatever! single, double, half-double, triple crochet; crossed stitch; spike stitch; a few "design element" stitches

This blankie was just what I needed to make. When I gave Kippy the blankie, I told her that this was a gift from Barney and that happy memories of him were crocheted into it. She murmured a little meow and then nuzzled my hand.

She then gave it her Cat Seal of Approval

How cute is this little paw?!


sherriknits said...

I think this is very sweet.

Anonymous said...

Pretty yarn. Thinking of both of you.

stringplay said...

That is a very cute paw! And the blanket looks lovely. Spike stitch? Is that a traditional stitch or a new McMary stitch??

Iron Needles said...

Looks like she has a french manicure!

Susan said...

Kippy looks like she loves her new blanket. And I think you may have invented new crochet stitches. It looks just beautiful with her sitting on it. I would never knit for Phantom, he likes to sleep on our bed under the covers. I have no idea how he breathes under there.

minipurl said...

What pretty colors. Kippy looks like a princess . Oh, that's right...she IS a princess.
Anyway, , it's beautiful and so's Kippy.