Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Sound of Spring

Despite the snow flurries and the freezing temperatures, we've been hearing Spring coming down our street everyday at around 5:00PM.

We have laws in NYC regarding when the ice cream vendors can play that annoying tune. On the move, it's OK. But they have to turn it off when standing still.

Are you a fan of tinny ice cream truck tunes?

WARNING! If you're a person who's sensitive to earworms don't click anything on that site!

And if you do, don't tell me. I can't hear you over the music.


sherriknits said...


you have fancier trucks than we have.....ours seem to be old mail trucks or something silly.......but they sound just as bad.

Susan said...

I haven't seen any near me yet, but they're out there. We have little blocks in our neighborhood and they go up and down playing those songs until you want to scream but we do love ice cream.

stringplay said...

Another city amenity that I miss out on here in the 'burbs. Probably a Good Thing!