Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Monogamy Part 2

It isn't about the sharp points, smooth join or strong cable.

Another view: (That's a 24" Addi circling the sock.)

It's the size.

I've knit socks on dpns, two circulars and magic loop. Never really felt totally comfortable with any of them. Knitting with dpns is like wrestling with a porcupine. Two circs--hated the dangly ends. Magic loop--I never was one for Mickey Mouse ears.

That's a size 1/9" Hiya Hiya needle. Cast on 68 stitches--on that one needle-- and away we go! Not having to shift and adjust needles, the knitting is so fast.

And that teeny, tiny needle is just so darn cute!

So far, so good. Surprisingly, my hands aren't cramping. And I feel like such a speed-demon!


The DeDe said...

Mary! These look great! I'm glad to hear you've had a good experience with them. I'm adding them to my list for the next pair of socks I knit up!

minipurl said...

Ooh....they look cool. and the yarn as well.

Bubblesknits said...

I've tried using those bitty circs and my hands cramp up something fierce. I know a lot of people (you included) that love them though!

PassionKNITly said...

So wait, you got them at Knitty City? How's the join?

I'd be a bit nervous to use those since my socks are usually narrower than 9".

Anonymous said...

The yarn is gorgeous! Another needle choice isn't what I need right now, or is it? Looks like fun!

Anonymous said...

Good luck for you. I found out years ago that I could not knit with a 16" cirs without risking spasms. But lately I tried the knitpics and it was all fine. Maybe because the join was not curved like with the Inox. Should I give them a try? I should write them on the shopping list for September ;-))). Thanks for the hint.

sherriknits said...

I may try them again, didn't love them the first time I tried. They definitely are cute!

Knitted Yarns said...

Since I generally don't like knitting socks because it takes me FOREVER to knit, these needles look like a great idea. Forget waiting for a sock project, I may pop over to Knitty City before the holiday and try to buy some. I have sock yarn waiting to be knit and my husband loves hand made socks.