Monday, June 22, 2009


I'm sorry. I tried to be monogamous to my Summer Lake Shawl. It lasted for a while. And it was good.

But then Gail at Knitty City whispered about something I might be interested in. Something fun and different.

To quiet my thoughts, I brought something new to my relationship with the Summer Lake Shawl.

That worked for a few days. But every time I greeted a friend or answered the phone, I'd hear the name of my infatuation.

Friday afternoon, Knitty City suddenly appeared in front of me and I was weak.

By Friday evening, my new love and I were in a full-blown relationship.


Anonymous said...

Those look like great needles. I like the long points. The yarn is really pretty too. It is hard to stick with a big shawl. I have one about half done that I need to get back to. New loves are so much fun.

stringplay said...

We are all weak. And I agree about the nice pointy needles and pretty yarn. Besides, it's just fun to say Hiya-Hiya!!

Lynne said...

Do you like them better than Addi's? Looks like socks to me ... love the colorway!

Loved the NY Moment post. Looks like something you'd see in the streets of San Miguel, Mexico! They are always marching down the streets with effigies of saints. But then again, there you have the Catholic religion too ...