Sunday, June 14, 2009

A NY Moment

NYC isn't always about glitz and glamour.

New York is the people. An ethnic broth of people.

Saturday evening, we went to dinner in the Village. Ate at Rocco. It's been in business since 1922. (Click on photos to make larger.)

And as I was inhaling the best chicken scarpariello ever, we heard the bells of a nearby church ringing. And ringing. And ringing.

Shortly after that, I look up and see a Franciscan priest walk by in his brown robes. OK, this is NYC - nothing suprises me. Then we hear music in the street and see this going by--

St. Anthony being hauled down the street.

See the Franciscans?

The people wearing the Italian flag hats were playing the music.

June 13th is the feast of St. Anthony and the Church of St. Anthony celebrates their saint in a big way. They've been doing this since 1866.

It's tempting to say that for a moment, it didn't feel like NYC anymore. But I would be wrong. This was probably one of the most New York moments I've ever experienced.


PJG said...

A beautiful "NYC ONLY" moment.....and who exactly did we say is the "writer" in the family?

Anonymous said...

Right place at he right time, nice photos. A dinner show you weren't expecting, that is always fun.

stringplay said...

Thanks for another NYC glimpse. Now I'll be wanting some good Italian pasta for days!

minipurl said...

Ahhh....that's one of the things I love about NYC. The different cultures. Since I'm all Italian on my mom's side of the family and grew up in Pittston, PA (a very ethnic melting pot place), parades of saints down the street were an annual event. It's funny you ate at Rocco's since it was St. Rocco's Church members carrying the Virgin Mary statue down the street. Takes me back :)

Susan said...

Oh I love those feasts! And the restaurant sounds like a feast, too.