Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Adirondack Videos

I discovered how to make videos using my camera! These two look the least like the Blair Witch Project.

The big excitement of the day is when the baby ducks come by. I've never seen such young ducklings here before. Most of the duck families we see have teenage-looking ducklings. But these guys still have fuzz on their heads.
(The whirring sound you hear is a seaplane flying overhead.)

The Adirondacks are home to hundreds of waterfalls. Here's one of them--the Bog River Falls in Tupper Lake.


sherriknits said...

Well this will be fun, Mary! Good job. I think they're better than my attempt at food pictures!

stringplay said...

Isn't technology amazing! I love now being able to SEE and HEAR about your vacation surroundings. Just hearing the water cools things off here.

minipurl said...

What a beautiful place, great videos, and such cute baby ducks. :)

Anonymous said...

The baby ducks are adorable! Congrats on figuring out how to post videos. Seeing the rushing water was wonderful. With the drought we are having it is hard to imagine all that fresh water, the video brought it to life.

TGL said...

the baby ducks were a big hit around here! "Ducklins!"