Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The State of the Shawl

July 1.

Including today, I have 16 days to finish the Summer Lake Shawl if I plan to wear it to the summer lake.

The length is currently 45 inches. My ideal length is at least 68 inches.* That's a difference of 23 inches.

I've been averaging an inch and a half a day. So in 16 days I could knit 24 inches. So it looks like there will be a shawl!

Last night I wrapped the shawl around my shoulders to get a sense of how it feels and drapes. It's incredible! The drape is light and slinky and feels just so very good.

I wish I could knit 24 inches in one day because I can't wait to wear it!

*An unknown factor for me is the blocking. Will the Sea Silk grow an extra 20%? I like the holes the size they are--I don't need them to open up more. So I'm thinking that this fiber shouldn't be aggressively pulled and tugged. A gentle blocking is all it needs. If anybody has pointers on blocking Sea Silk, please feel free to share.


Susan said...

It is so pretty! About blocking, I've never used sea silk, but I'd try a little blocking on the end and see how it goes.

minipurl said...

Ooh la la!! It's gorgeous.

TGL said...

My Montego Bay scarf did not change much in blocking, but I was very very gentle with it. That diagonal net stitch lets you pull it pretty far in one direction, at least. Lovely work.

stringplay said...

I love the way it looks in the photo and you say the drape is wonderful, so I second the gentle blocking vote.
So lovely and summery.

Anonymous said...

Your shawl is fantastic! I am cheering you on to the finish line! I will be interested in what you learn in blocking the Sea Silk yarn.

Lynne said...

It looks gorgeous! I bet it feels good on your fingers as you knit too. Knit on!

Also enjoyed the strawberry posts. I am going to have to try the "trick" next time!