Saturday, July 18, 2009

Summer Lake

The summer lake meets the Summer Lake Shawl:

Um. . . yes. . . there's still needles in the shawl. I didn't finish.


that's OK!

Last week was a busy one. Didn't have much time for knitting. Went to knit night on Wednesday and held the shawl up. Wrapped it around me. It wasn't long enough.

I planned on blocking the shawl on Thursday. One of my knit buddies jokingly said I'd be knitting all night.

This wasn't a joke. I knew I'd be up all night to finish it.


then somebody else asked why I couldn't block the shawl while I was away.

OH! The heavens opened up. Choirs of angels sang. Of course! I can finish the shawl at the summer lake and block it. And still have time to wear it here.

So that's the plan!


sherriknits said...

but remember, now that you have said this, you are obligated to get that done. lol

Anonymous said...

Your photo is wonderful!! I love it. I wish I was at the lake with you. It looks like such a refreshing place. I can't imagine anything more peaceful than knitting on your lovely shawl in such beautiful surroundings.

minipurl said...

Wow! That shawl was made for that pun intended. It sure sounds as if you're in the perfect place to finish the beautiful lake shawl... Enjoy :)

stringplay said...

Gorgeous picture and gorgeous shawl. This plan is much better anyway as you'll have lake memories knitted into it. Perfect combination.

Lynne said...

Have a great vacation at the lake! The shawl is beautiful! Keep on knitting!

Susan said...

Your picture is just gorgeous! Beautiful yarn, beautiful lake.