Saturday, July 11, 2009

Why do I. . . ?

One evening at knit group, a friend saw the folded magazine subscription card in my yarn and went to pull it out.

I screamed and nearly tore her hand off.

"NO, NO! That belongs there!"

When asked why, I explained that Handmaiden Seasilk has the reputation for being very tangly. I used the swift and ball winder to wind it. When the yarn was carefully removed from the winder, I inserted that folded card into the center of the ball. This prevents the ball from collapsing in on itself and the yarn getting tangled. (I also work from the outside of the ball to prevent the tangles.)

Another "Why?" I've been asked is:
Why do you have the shawl all wrapped up in a black ribbon?

No, it's not in mourning.

This is a trick I learned from one of my knit group buddies. It's just that the shawl has gotten quite long. Folding it up and tying it makes the whole thing a lot easier to handle. Folding and tying it also prevents me from strangling myself on it.

One more "Why?"

Why does it look as if my knitting bag has grown antennae?

I don't like point proctectors. I find they often don't stay on. And things can happen within a knitting bag. I push my knitting way down into the center of the needle, but I still fear that the stitches will work their way to the tip and hop off.

So I pull the ends of the needles out and tie the top of the bag very tightly. The knitting stays nice and snug in the bag and can't work itself to the tips.

And that's why!


sherriknits said...

that was fun. i wonder how many things we do that we never think about and others wonder why.

TGL said...

Helpful hints, all!

stringplay said...

Why? Because I said so! That's the answer I used to get. I love to ask questions and it is always fun to see how someone else does something. That's the best way to learn something.

Knitted Yarns said...

Useful tips to remember for knitting long projects with slippery yarn!


Grace said...

great answers too a lot of whys!

minipurl said...

What great tips...I'm definitely using the paper in the middle of the yarn idea. :)

Bubblesknits said...

Very good ideas! I had wondered about the black ribbon, but I never got around to asking. :-)

Susan said...

I wonder if other people wonder about the little idiosyncratic things I do. Very fun post.

Lynne said...

Makes perfect sense to me! :)

But do tell, which magazine subscription card is that?

Anonymous said...

Such great tips - I'm working on a shawl that's getting awkward, so I'm going to tie it up.

zippiknits said...

The folded card seems like it has a purpose and doesn't look "random" at all. Good thing you were there to pull back the hand!

Now, those little sock bags have yet another "reason for being". I was going to go all French on you, but decided not to.

Love that little bag trick!