Monday, July 19, 2010

Mountain Yarns

The wedding in the Catskills was lovely. It truly reflected the interests and values of the young couple. (Photo taken by the hubster.)

Since we had a few hours before the wedding on Saturday, we explored the area and guess what?! We found a yarn store! What a surprise!

This is the owner of Mountain Yarns--the very talented Tina.

She spins

and weaves

and has the coziest shop full of goodies.

And I didn't want Tina to think that I was a brash, rude New Yorker--so, of course, I had to buy some "courtesy yarn." Just think of me as a one-person NYC Committee of Politeness.

The yarn is handspun and dyed by Tina and is a combination of wool, bamboo and angora. I think this yarn is asking to be My So Called Scarf.


TGL said...

You are such a good person, Mary. I know it was not easy for you to buy that yarn.

YesterUkes said...

"Courtesy yarn" why haven't I thought of that?

My husband used to say I could smell any fabric store within 50 miles. My nose has now adjusted to sniff out yarn stores! He doesn't like those any better.

Jolene said...

"Courtesy yarn" -- love it; thank you for adding that to my shopping vocabulary!

minipurl said...

Not only did your post bring a smile to my face, but everyone else's comments are so true.
Love that yarn and love the so-called scarf pattern as well. Looks like it was a beautiful wedding too.

Jackie said...

Courtesy Yarn!!! I love that term.

stringplay said...

Who says courtesy is dead? You are not only courteous but helping the local economy as well. Your So-Called Scarf should create great karma (and a LOVELY scarf)! What a great shop to visit.

Anonymous said...

The yarn is lovely. I like the subtle changes in color and texture. It will look really pretty in the pattern you picked.