Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Secret Project

isn't a secret anymore!

A baby blanket for the hubster's lovely, wonderful assistant.

Presenting the Sunny Baby Blanket.
Yarn: Plymouth Encore / color 0515 (used about 3 1/2 skeins)
Needles: size 7
Size: approx. 34" by 30"

The designer named the blanket the Sunny Baby Blanket because she used bright, sunny-yellow yarn. A friend suggested that I should re-name mine since nothing about it is sunny.

But I disagree. Since this baby could be born under the zodiac sign of Leo, his ruling planet might be the sun. (I do hope he'll be a Leo. After all, it is my favorite sign!) But, even more so, hubster and I wish the parents-to-be many, many sunny days ahead with their sweet baby boy.


rosi-r said...

Mary, what a perfectly beautiful blanket. Every stitch an homage to your fondness and generosity for this new little family.

The DeDe said...

It is beautiful! It looks so perfect!

stringplay said...

Mary, the blanket is beautiful and perfect. Such neat, even work. The recipient looks very happy with it, too AND ready to use it soon.

yarnandyarns said...

Gorgeous work! And I agree with stringplay -- that recipient looks ready to use it, like, tomorrow. Sunny/Leo Baby Blanket, for sure.

YesterUkes said...

Such a beautiful blanket! Hope you post a photo of baby with blanket later.

YarnJourney said...

Lovely work! The color is beautiful and the blanket looks so soft. I am sure it will become a much loved heirloom.