Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Road--Again!

Chez Snit n'Knit 's theme song these days:

Last weekend, I was off to Boston to hang out with a niece. Had a wonderful time. K and I shopped, laughed, ate, shopped, saw beautiful sights, had heartfelt chats, shopped, experienced a power failure. . .

And the oh-so-considerate Amtrak actually gave me an extra hour and three minutes to knit the secret project on the way there.

Meanwhile, the hubster was off on his own adventure in the Pacific Northwest with some submarine veteran buddies.

We both returned home for a couple of days. And now we're off to the Catskill Mountains for a family wedding this weekend. I might actually get enough travel-knitting time to finish this secret knitting project.

But, if I don't finish--on Tuesday, I'm back on Amtrak. This time to DC to meet up with some old friends for a couple of days. And if I don't finish the secret project then---I'll never finish it!


EileenNY said...

Have a great time, Mary! Travel safely and let me know when you're back. Looking forward to seeing you (and Bob!)

stringplay said...

Oh, dear, I may be humming all night! I love the photos, especially all the flowers. Have a great time at the wedding.