Saturday, July 31, 2010

Now What?

Having finished the baby blanket and with a vacation get-away in a few days, I have the all important decision of what to bring to the mountains.

Here's the contenders:

The Clapotis. Almost finished.

I bought this yarn thinking I'd make a couple of cute, quick scarves. One of them will definitely be a gift.

A sock. There's always a sock.

I've been wanting to knit some of these mini laces just because.

The Jackie Sweater. Fall is coming and I'm still only on the back.

A striped baktus. Pure mindlessness.

Cobweb yarn on size 2 needles. Who am I kidding? But maybe. . . .

Stay tuned . . . I have a few days to decide. All opinions are gladly welcome!


Devorah said...

The sweater, clapotis and the sock -- a nice variety to keep you interested!

Jackie said...

Clapotis (almost done), Sock (great for the traveling part) and the scarves (you might want to start something new).

OR, just take it all! :)

YarnJourney said...

So many projects to choose from. They all look like fun!

stringplay said...

Of course you want to start something NEW, so I say take the Giotto. It might be cooler to work with and you could have a gift cranked out by the time you return. Take the mini lace booklet for reading and deciding which one you might want to try first. Toss in the Clapotis. Not sure how close to finished it is, but if it is cool in the evenings, it can keep you warm while you put in a few more stitches. Most of all: HAVE A FUN TRIP.

Anonymous said...

Bring it all- you can decide when you get there! Where will you put the wine and chocolate?!?

Iron Needles said...

I would take the sock (small and easy), the clapotis (almost finished), and the sweater (because you need to get cracking on that thing!)