Sunday, October 30, 2011

Busy Needles!

The Hitchhiker Scarf may be done, but now I have projects shouting for attention.

On the left, the stealth knitting. That's been bumped up to #1 project.

In the middle, two of the seven swatches I need for a class I'll be taking at the Knitters Review Retreat in a couple of weeks. 16 stitches, 12 rows. Easy to procrastinate about. BUT I really don't want to be knitting swatches in the car on the way to the retreat!

On the right, something new. A fun thing for me. Small and mindless enough to throw in my purse for bus or waiting room knitting. Any guesses what it might be?


stringplay said...

Humm....a cowl? Not sure, but the yarn looks nice. I'll stay tuned. New projects are fun.

zippiknits said...

It certainly looks like a neck warmer of some sort. And, with the weather you've gotten, it's a great thing to be knitting.

Jan said...

With the ribbed beginning, maybe a pullover sweater? The color is warm and looks luxurious.