Saturday, October 1, 2011

October Frenzy

Two weeks from Rhinebeck and I plan to wear the Hitchhiker Scarf there.

So far, I have 26 "teeth" and the scarf calls for 42. The rows are getting longer. Life is crazy busy during the next two weeks. My fingers ache. I hate knitting on deadline. There's another project that needs my attention. And what about that sweater I thought I'd finish this fall?

But, oh, it's Rhinebeck! The lure of wearing something newly knit there. The finishing of it in the car on the way. The blocking of the item on the bed in the hotel the night before. This is a challenge I can't resist.

The race is on!


Jane said...

My Hitchhiker is going to be a gift, but I still feel the need to finish it up -- but it's not like Baktus, where the rows get shorter, is it? %@#&!

Yours is a beautiful color, and I hope I get to see it at Rhinebeck!

minipurl said...

It is beautiful :)

Jackie said...

I have no doubt that you'll win that race!

stringplay said...

Oh, I am in love with the colors in this Hitchhiker. I don't know the pattern, so I was all ready to say something about you being able to decrease soon and then I read Jane's comment. Oh, well. So instead I'll cheer you on since (a) you are over halfway finished [62% actually!], (b) it is for YOU, and (c) to wear to RHINEBECK. Go, go, go!