Monday, October 17, 2011

Rhinebeck 2011 Report

I have Rhinebeck hangover! How can one come back to the everyday after experiencing so much yarn, color, stunning knits and fried foods?

My one regret is that I didn’t take enough photos. But here’s a sampling.

Since I wanted to avoid the crowds on Saturday, the hubster and I went up to the Rhinebeck area that afternoon. Relaxed in the hotel, ordered in dinner and then I knit in the lobby for several hours.

When I first went downstairs, I met two lovely knitters—a mother and daughter from Connecticut –who warmly welcomed me and told me the highs and lows of their day at the fairground.

People then began arriving back to the hotel and soon the lobby was full of knitters!

The Hitchhiker Scarf especially enjoyed the fireplace.

We got up early on Sunday and arrived at the fairground about a half hour before the gates opened.

This gave me time to admire the trees that are just beginning to turn.

I also gawked at some gorgeous knits.

And it's not surprising how some people spent their time waiting.

Gates opened and here's some of the sights.

Felted food art

The colors!

Look at that sweet face!

Stunning Orenburg shawls for sale

The wearer’s grandmother made this fun sweater.

I didn’t have any—but the idea of fried pickles is both intriguing and nauseating

Ann Hanson (carrying the green bag.) I wonder what yummy yarns she has in those bags?

Queen Bee Clara Parkes who was there to sign her wonderful new book.

OK, the main event. What did I buy? Not much. I didn't intend to buy any yarn. I was there more for the ambiance and the inspiration. But, some did follow me home.

Sanguine Gryphon Zaftig Bugga (No! I didn’t wait two hours in line.), a couple of Christmas ornaments, a needle case, a little bit of 3ply cashmere, fingerless gloves and a new old-fashioned knitting bag.

The hubster and I were on the road by early afternoon. Whew! I really zipped through those barns. But I feel I saw everything and am very pleased with my purchases. It was a wonderful, wonderful day! And I'm already looking forward to Rhinebeck 2012!


Jan said...

I'd love to be there. I couldn't help noticing how your Hitchhiker scarf mimics the colors of the leaves in the trees you pictured....wonderful for fall.

Mimi said...

SAFF is in our area this coming weekend. Looking at your photos is upping the temptation to go. Just to look. Not to buy anything. Or, let yarn follow me home. You know....just to look.

stringplay said...

Jan said it. Your lovely Hitchhiker just matched the leaves. Looks and sounds like the perfect fall festival experience. Thanks for taking and posting so many nice pictures - from arrival right through to the shopping bag. I got to live a bit of it through you. You made some wonderful selections! And aren't those Orenburg shawls magnificent?!

Irisha said...

Was so interesting to read your post!
One picture in particular got my attention - the picture of Orenburg shawls. They are very simple (mass production type), not a classic design, even though they are nice to look at. For people who don't know much of the Russian tradition it's hard to distinguish.
Here is a girl who was born in Orenburg, she carries the tradition -
Hope it helps a little!
Thank you