Monday, October 10, 2011

Hitching and &%$#-ing!

Will the Hitchhiker Scarf be finished in time to wear this weekend to Rhinebeck? 34 teeth done. I thought I would have enough yarn for 40 pointy-ended "teeth." (The pattern calls for 42.) But with only 18 grams left of the yarn, I won't.

But. . . . remember way back in February? I had started another scarf with this yarn and encountered a tangle?

I ended up cutting the tangle out. As I was knitting the Hitchhiker, I thought the tangle was only a couple of grams and wouldn't make a big difference.


It's 25 grams. That's enough for a few teeth. For some crazy reason, I didn't toss the tangle. So today. . . here's my project.

AAAAARGH! I'm not a person known for her patience!


Sherri said...

I would do it for you!

Yesterukes said...

Yep, there are days when untangling is soothing. Or maybe distracting is a better word. And some days when it's not. Good luck!

This pattern is on the top of my to-do pile. Can't wait to see yours.

Jan said...

I understand the frustration! Usually the tangled pile of crap is my own doing....usually it's when I'm trying to wind lace yarn from a hank to a ball....usually when I'm watching television and not paying attention to what I'm doing.

Your Hitchhiker scarf is really pretty, though....worth it? I think so.

stringplay said...

Moral of the story: never toss the tangle! The Hitchhiker is looking great! It is going to be perfect this weekend.

Jolene said...

I love that you saved the tangle. I agree that it will be worth it when the scarf is done -- love the colors!