Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Knitting Penance

This little ball of yarn looks all sweet and innocent, doesn't it?

Hard to believe that only a day ago, it was an instrument of torture. A penalty I had to pay for some past evil.

I spent all day untangling that mess. I'd untangle for about ten minutes then, for another ten, read the homework assignment for a class I'm taking. The homework? The Aeneid. Book 6. The Kingdom of the Dead. Perfect reading for this task since I went from the depths of Hades to the Elysian Fields.


Mimi said...

Ever wonder how these terrible tangles happen in the first place? Especially when the skein wasn't played with by a baby or a cat or something. Gremlins, maybe?

stringplay said...

Sometimes those snarls can just be overwhelming! That was some journey you made. Glad you got through.

The DeDe said...

On of my favorite knitting moments, maybe my favorite, was spending an entire UWS knitters meet up untangling a ball of yarn with Ellie. Every time I have to untangle a mess it becomes a zen like experience all because of Ellie's help!

zippiknits said...

De-tangling a skein of truly messed up yarn is a rite of passage, and it's something to look back upon with great satisfaction. Yours looks terrific, both the challenge and the victory. Good Job!

Thanks for the Rhinebeck post. Lovely stuff. :-)