Saturday, March 3, 2007

Gone Postal

We'll begin today with the Snit:
The mailman and the USPS. Yesterday, the mailman left a will-call slip in the mailbox--but, he wrote today's date on it as the day he attempted to deliver. This morning I go to the post office and tell the clerk, as I'm handing him the slip, that the wrong delivery date is on it and the delivery date was actually yesterday. He didn't believe me. "It was delivered today--you can't pick it up today." Me: yada, yada, in the mailbox yesterday. "The mailman is still out with it. Try back at 4:00." Me: more yada, yada, please, look for it. "But, your mailman still has it." Me: more (louder) yada, yada wrong date, yesterday's mail, please look. After a few more yada, yadas--the package was found. "Oh, your mailman put the wrong date on the slip." Me: (count slowly to ten, ungrip hands) Thank you.

And what was in the package I was ready to go postal for?

This lovely yarn certainly got me out of my snit! Sundara, has done it again! This newest Petals Collection colorway is called Bird of Paradise. However, I call it Daffodils and Tree Buds and Baby Chicks and Jelly Beans yarn. It certainly cheered up this dreary day!

The sock pattern is a slip stitch ribbing:

So, the sock yarn stash has been added to and I now have 31 pairs of socks waiting to be made.

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phyl said...

I need this yarn. Must have it. It's beyond beautiful!