Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Minus 11

March 17 minus 11 days = TODAY. If I plan to wear these Limerick / Camo / Wearing O' the Green socks to the Paddy's Day parade, I best be stepping on it!

Heel flap on one sock is finished and half-done on the other.

I'm at the point where I'm calculating: Rows per minute + how many rows × springing the clock forward - number of clocks and watches we'll forget to change - how often Rachael Ray says EVOO + my height when I wear heels + factor in hair cut x % of time doing cat chores ÷ pairs of socks I wish I had knitted × cups of coffee DH drinks in a day + how many mah jongg hands I won this week × my Social Security number - the inches of snow we've had this year = how much longer it will take to finish these socks.

Tuesday's snit:
I forgot to buy a lottery ticket! And it would have been the winner!


sonja said...

These are looking very good and very Irish. That's a lot of variables, but hang in there. It will be so cold at the parade I'm sure you won't be wearing open-toed shoes. If you get down to the wire you could always put the toeless socks on waste yarn and wear them. No one but you would be the wiser! (And if you ONLY stitch with each EVOO you'll probably get them done ahead of time!)

Linda said...

They are looking great!! Factor in a couple more variables - no lottery ticket = $1.00 richer. Remember the last BIG lottery winner was from right here in Hurricane. I don't believe lighting strikes twice in the same place, so I rarely buy a lottery ticket.