Friday, March 16, 2007

Leftovers and Updates

Looking over previous entries, I notice that I could have added more photos to some and done updates on others.

On March 14 I talk about snow coming our way. And then on February 26, I pictured the ripped out headband and never updated.

Here's my favorite furry model wearing the sewed-up headband and watching the snow:

In the Lottsa Lace entry of March 10, I mention that my Mom, grandmother and a great-aunt were all talented needlecrafters. In addition to a crocheted bedspread and tablecloth, I have bags and bags of their beautiful crocheted doilies. By framing a few of the doilies, I'm able admire their handwork everyday:

Here's a photo of patterns they used. Notice how well-used they are:

Snowy day here. Getting ready for St. Paddy's Day, I'll be cooking up corned beef today and will be working on the Wearing O'the Green socks. Updates on snow and socks tomorrow. And leftovers of corned beef for all!


sonja said...

What a lovely headband model. I like being able to glimpse the snow and get a view of the street outside your building. What a perfect way to enjoy the lace. I'm afraid someday someone will find my patterns in pristine condition and wonder why I had so many 'unused' ones! Stay warm.

Phyl said...

Those framed dollies are great inspiration!