Monday, March 12, 2007

Sock Quiz

1. St. Patrick's Day 2007 is in:
A) 30 days
B) it happened already
C) 5 days OMG! 5 #$%*^ days!!!
D) 370 days

2.Which will Our Knitter give up in order to wear the Wearing O'the Green socks to the St. Paddy's Day parade:
A) eating
B) reading blogs
C) staring into space and dreaming of future projects
D) none of the above

3. Which future project is Our Knitter dreaming of and can feel her fingers itching to begin:
A)Forest Canopy Shawl
B)Easy Lace Scarf from Victorian Lace Today.
C) None of the above. Our Knitter is single-minded in finishing the socks.
D) Both. Our Knitter is a project slut.

4. Will Our Knitter finish knitting the Wearing O'the Green socks by March 17?
A) Yes. Our Knitter is truly determined
B) No. Our Knitter leads a balanced life and must cook, clean, go to work, do cat chores and be a social person. With all these responsibilities, it will be difficult to finish the socks. But, Our Knitter is a mature person who will take it in stride.
C) Are you kidding?! Our Knitter must 'net surf, read blogs, sleep late, plan future projects, play mah jongg, have a few snits, stare into space. She'll be lucky if she finishes those socks by March 17, 2010! And she'll be whining about it till then.

Here's a photo of the Wearing O'the Green socks as of today, March 12:

5. Now what do you think?
A) She'll definitely finish. She just has to buckle down.
B) She'll finish one and nearly finish the other one
C) Those UFOs won't be coming out of the ziploc bag again for a long, long time

6. It's March 17. Our Knitter and her DH wake up.
Which is the most likely scenario:
A) Our Knitter dons her finished green socks and goes to the parade.
B) Our Knitter and her DH get up, have a few cups of coffee, surf the net, drink more coffee, order in from Lenny's, talk about going to the parade, engage in a family email about gas prices. Suddenly they notice it's 3PM and wonder where the day went. Too late to go to the parade.
C) Our Knitter and her DH say, "It's cold out there! And we'll have to walk thru the Park. Both ways. What are we, nuts?!" They go back to bed.


sonja said...

You've outdone yourself in this post! Go to the parade, enjoy the sights and sounds, carry the socks if you can't yet wear them. And just food for thought: Earth Day is April 22. Wouldn't GREEN socks be a good Earth Day statement?

Devorah said...

Whatever happens, make sure to take pictures of the socks at the parade!

Sorry I missed your blog debut but I found you now!