Sunday, March 18, 2007

My Inner Preppie

I don't wear loafers, I've never worn ribbon belts and khakis. A circle pin has never been put on any blue blazers. The last plaid skirt I wore was my Catholic school uniform. Fair Isle sweaters don't excite me. I've never tied a sweater around my shoulders. In 1962, I wore a pair of Madras Bermuda shorts because my mother made me. I have neither seersucker nor corduroy in my closet.

However, under this non-preppie exterior lurks the preppiest of preppies. Pink and green-- I love, adore and am mad for the ultimate prep color cliche--pink and green. Not to wear--but to surround myself with.

My wardrobe consists of black, navy, black, dark maroon, black, gray, black, dark purple, black. More often than not, my yarn choices reflect those same colors:

But, looky look who just entered the stash:

Isn't that the most gorgeous of preppie pink and greeness? It's the specially dyed for Knit Happens Lorna's Laces. I just swoon whenever I look at this yarn.

And good news--no yarn diets were harmed in the acquiring of this yarn! A trade was made with Ms. Orange herself Phyl. Sundara's lovely Bird of Paradise yarn for this pink and green goodness.

Yeah, I remember the Daffodils and Tree Buds and Baby Chicks and Jelly Beans. I still think that Bird of Paradise is a cheerful, happy yarn--but it's not exactly me. BOP is now in a home where all the orange will truly be appreciated.

I don't know what my 430 yarns of preppie-ness is calling out to be--socks? a little shawl? I'm not changing my style--just putting a small bit of prep in it. However, if you ever see me wearing cords embroidered with little ducks--please do me a huge favor and haul me off to a preppie intervention.

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