Friday, January 22, 2010

Does it Work?

The other day, I broke my camera. Dropped it. It was beyond fixing. Hubster gave me one of his old ones, but I found it to be clunky. So, yesterday, I went to B&H and bought a new camera.

I came home with a very cute Canon PowerShot SD980. (But not that cute--I got a silver one--not a pink or blue one.) Since I'm not one to fiddle with or fuss over shutter speed and ISO and depth of field, a point and shoot is fine with me!

But how is it? Being that most of my photography involves yarn, I've been taking test shots with it.

Does it photograph WIPs?

What will a skein of yarn look like?

How about a swatch and ball of yarn?

Can I get a good close-up of the swatch?

How about a FO? (This is a little crocheted lapghan that was in one of my Aunt Ellie's boxes.)

I'm happy! I'd say this new camera works just fine!


sherriknits said...

If you can believe this, I dropped my camera at two Mariner's games in a row and both times it popped open. I was able to get it back together but now the on/off switch is getting harder to work. I love my little Canon, too, and will be sad when the day comes that I have to get a new one...probably sooner than later!

Anonymous said...

You are so lucky to live near such a great camera store. B&H has everything. That is a great camera! Your photos are crisp and clear.

poor said...

Love this afghan...most colorful and vibrant and neatly can start using it.

stringplay said...

The pictures are great! Such clarity and definition. And that Sundara yarn is very nice looking!

EileenNY said...

How funny, Mary! I just got the same camera! I love B&H! I could hang out there all day.

Love your latest pics of knitting too!


Susan said...

I think the pictures came out great! My girls have the DSLR camera and I'm with you, too much to figure out.

Minh said...

The pictures look great! Canon should hire you to market their camera to knitters... ("and look at that stitch definition! and the variegation! you can almost feel the merino!")

Bubblesknits said...

My little point and shoot died about a week ago. I'm relying on my iPhone camera until I find another one for the right price.

Iron Needles said...

Takes good shots of the importants stuff!