Thursday, August 16, 2007

Crazy Knitting

Hello. These are the Voices in Mary's Head speaking. Mary can't come to the blog right now. She's having an hallucination.

Do you remember how she has the following on the needles?

The Forest Canopy Shawl only needs about 8 more rows. The feather and fan shawl is about half-finished.

And she's been blabbing about starting the Honeybee Stole

And Mary has forgotten about them, but we haven't

The Tabloid Socks

She has these plus other unblogged about UFOs and what does she go and do? She buys MORE yarn for another shawl.

She argued with us:
"Oh, it's an easy-peasy shawl. Idiot lace. One row of purl, one row of lace."
"It'll be fast. Big needles."
"We're going to a family thing next weekend. Wouldn't this shawl be pretty?"

We argued back:
"Your use of the phrase 'easy peasy' is annoying."
"You're a slow knitter. You waste knitting time by reading blogs, staring into space and cleaning out the kitty litter. AND big needles hurt your hands."
"The family event is a BBQ in Ohio. Hunks of grilled meat, and s'mores do not require the donning of a lace shawl."

She's delusional and clueless.
OH NO. . . . quick, somebody stop her! She's hovering over the swift with the yarn!


margaret in manhattan said...

PLEASE don't tell me that you stopped by E82 st today - how did you ever dare to go there? ;0)

sherriknits said...

All i can say is I am glad for the day I found your blog!

StringPlay said...

That FCS is looking almost complete. Of *course* it's time to think of something new - a BBQ Shawl!

Devorah said...

But you need a good car project ... one that won't run out on you!