Friday, August 10, 2007

Jumping into the Honey

My Mom once asked the typical Mom question, "If everybody were jumping off a building, would you? " My answer, "I'd have a parachute and then, sure, probably I'd jump."

That answer describes my current knitting obsession.

Since I first saw the triangular Bee Fields shawl, I've adored Anne Hanson's design. But, I wasn't crazy about the butt-emphasizing, row-increasing shape.

Whew, close one! Nearly jumped.

Then, a couple of weeks ago, Anne tells us that a Bee Fields rectangular stole is being test-knit and that a pattern would be forthcoming.

I start creeping towards the edge.

Then Cara of January One starts knitting Bee Fields in the most gorgeous honey shade -- Oregon Red Clover Honey from Blue Moon Fiber Arts.

This is when I impulsively placed a yarn order.

But I backed off again and cancelled it.

For days, I mulled and thought. And thought and mulled. I simply couldn't get the pattern or yarn out of my head.

Last week, I jumped.

My Evil Enabling Birthday Twin, Margaret is knitting the Bee Fields triangle and then she went and ordered the Oregon Red Clover Honey to knit the stole! When she pictured the yarn in all its red-golden honey-ness, I knew that I couldn't resist for another minute.

AND, at the same time, Anne announced that the Honeybee Stole pattern would soon be available.

My parachute? I joined the Bee Fields KAL.

I'm somewhat nervous about this because, lace and I have not had a happy history. But, love of pattern and yarn will conquer the fears.

I was hoping the yarn would be here when I returned from Washington, DC--but, it wasn't. However, I bought the pattern and will be spending this weekend studying it.

TechKnitter had an entry on June 13th about creating a chart of a chart for lace knitting. This I'll be studying also.

Have a good weekend, everybody!


StringPlay said...

If you WANT it, you CAN knit it. It's going to be sooo gorgeous. I can hardly wait. I'm going to try to resist and just live, as usual, vicariously through you.

margaret in manhattan said...

birthday twin here - I'm very very comfortable with charts and the written instructions; techknitter's chart of a chart made me a bit cross-eyed!

I'll be more than happy to be your personal Beekeeper throughout this project - it's not NEARLY as tough as you think it is! ;o)

Devorah said...

It's all just knit and purl. You can do it!