Monday, August 13, 2007

In the Honey

Looky look what came in the mail today

Blue Moon Fiber Arts Oregon Red Clover Honey laceweight.

I couldn't keep my hands off it!

I have a few things to finish and work on before I begin the Honeybee Stole. But the Honey will be waiting patiently.


margaret in manhattan said...

so you broke down and wound it, huh? it looks great - we'll have to compare skeins - yours looks a bit more red than mine, but it could be my monitor!

congrats - patience and fortitude are your best friends (not just the library lions)

StringPlay said...

So warm and rich....and tempting. Good thing it's in that bag!

Ria said...

That is some very pretty yarn. Very appropriate for that stole, methinks. :)