Thursday, August 23, 2007

Why Oh Why Ohio?

Why oh why oh why oh
Am I ever going to Ohio?

Big family weekend in Columbus coming up. The husbster's family are flying and driving in from all over the country to celebrate one of the sib's birthday.

There's nine siblings--so, it seems that it's always somebody's birthday. And when the family gathers--oh, boy! My in-laws are amazing, terrific, fun, smart people--but, there's just so darn many of them. It overwhelms me.

I cope by knitting. I can chit-chat, put in my two cents about how to grill hunks of meat, goochy-coo the new baby, hear the old stories, discuss the '08 election, and argue Yankees vs Red Sox all while knitting. I can also zone out when needed by appearing to concentrate very hard over a tricky section. Nobody needs to know how mindless travel knitting really is.

So, the feather and fan shawl will be coming along on the trip. It's a very peaceful, boring pattern--perfect for the gathering of the lively, chatty, oh-so-many-of-'em clan.

Since we won't have the time, no yarn shops will be visited. However, I made up for that today. My Birthday Twin
Margaret and I went to a new yarn store--Annie & Company.

WOW! Gorgeous yarns, a huge comfy space, chairs to sink into. And we discovered that we're Birthday Triplets! Nancy, who works there, also shares our birthday.

I bought Cat Bordhi's new book:

And it looks like I'm gearing up to begin the HoneyBee Stole. Size 5 Addi's lace needles also came home with me.

Check out Margaret's second blog for photos of her finished Bee Fields Shawl and the beginnings of her Honey Bee Stole. Geez, what an overachiever! Two blogs AND two lovely shawls!

Ohio Snit:
We have to fly there. And fly back. Me + flying = white knuckles


Jane said...

Just close your eyes and deep-breathe. Works for me!

Oh. I meant on the plane, but maybe that would work for the family visit too!

margaret in manhattan said...

you'll be fine -

birthday triplet m

margaret in manhattan said...

ps - is there any way that you can also mention my evolved blog, wwwDOTknitchingDOTblogspotDOTcom?

I'm just trying to get the word out... ;o)

Devorah said...

White knuckles = sock knitting! Nice, tight sock knitting. *g* Have fun!

StringPlay said...

That looks like some lace chart! I've read good things about Cat's newest book. Looking forward to hearing about it from you.

sherriknits said...

You will love the book...endless entertainment for me while on vacation. I'm with ya on the white knuckles. The first time I flew in 27 years was in Dec '01 from the west coast to New York to help with the cleanup. Not only was I scared but kind of an intense time to be flying. gulp. I hope you have a great trip!

ps I have a surprise for you on my blog.

Windyridge said...

The New Pathways book sounds interesting. I love knitting socks.